About us

A kaleidoscope of specific strengths

You can venture to say that Viking is a group of strong and determined professionals very good in their field. During more than 10 years of presence on the Tricity real estate market, we have repeatedly proved our knowledge and range of competences. Together, we have created a really good offer of rental apartments located throughout the Tricity and opened an office in the prestigious center of Sopot. Others operate comprehensively, we offer much more.


Rental apartments on a macro scale

If someone asks what distinguishes us, we answer honestly that we care about our business more than anyone else. That’s why in our team, a licensed real estate broker ensures absolute security and professional legal service of the transaction. A professional photographer specializing in interior photography knows exactly how to show the true value of an apartment. Salesperson, on the other hand, a true professional, spread the good word to the world. We also have our own renovation and construction crew.